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Dear Visitor,

Reviews are the lifeblood of an author - they are the #1 promotional tool for any book, because they help readers find good quality books. Beyond that, some important promotional opportunities only open up to authors when they reach a certain number of reviews - 10, 50, and 100 are key milestone number of reviews that open doors for authors. Hereafter (Afterlife #1) is currently at 31 reviews on Amazon, and I'd like, with your help, to get it to the next milestone.

So here's what I'd like you to do - if you've read Hereafter (Afterlife #1), please leave an *honest* review on Amazon.com. Even if you didn't like the book, please leave a review anyway. Honest reviews are just as important as number of reviews; I'm not interested in fake reviews or just glowing reviews. I want honest opinions.

I also would like you to help me spread the word - tell your friends about Hereafter and the giveaway; let them know that the sooner my book reaches 50 reviews on Amazon, the sooner two people will win a $50 Amazon gift card! Ask them to spread the word as well. Currently, Hereafter is only $0.99 on Amazon, but review copies of Hereafter are available on NetGalley as well. 

If Hereafter (Afterlife #1) reaches 50 reviews on Amazon.com before December 20th, then I will give away two (2) $50 Amazon gift cards. If Hereafter reaches 75 reviews on Amazon.com, I will also give away a $75 gift card. And if it reaches 100 reviews...you got it, I will also give away a $100 Amazon gift card.

So... let's see if we can get Hereafter to its next milestone - 50 reviews!

P.S. Whereafter (Afterlife #3) is coming soon!!!


*Note: Amazon.com in in no way affiliated with this giveaway. The Amazon gift card giveaways will be handled via Rafflecopter and will be open to everyone/no purchase (or review of Hereafter) will be necessary to win. However, should Hereafter fail to obtain the requisite number of reviews on Amazon by December 20th, then the giveaways will not take place.
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