Did you ever get the sense that cemeteries might be haunted? Don't worry - the dead are just trying to hawk their wares. Cemeteries are the best place to find "dead" items - things that have crossed over to the spirit realm with a dead person. Since the newly crossed over tend to be surprised to find that they're dead, they often drop items, and it's "finder's keeper's" in the spirit realm - after all, do you have any idea how hard it is to get a cigarette when you're dead?
The afterlife isn't all harps and clouds - there are things like exorcism, ghost repellents, and eternal judgment to deal with. There's also the formless, nameless terror known as "The Uglies" that stalks the dead on Earth. No one knows what happens if The Uglies catch you and no one really wants to find out. When you see an Ugly there's only one thing to do: RUN.
Ever wonder why hotels don't have a thirteenth floor? It's reserved for ghosts, of course!
The mysterious Samyel offers to guide Irene in the afterlife, if she agrees to take him with her when she crosses over. But who - or what - is Samyel? And what is he looking for when he goes out searching the streets of Boston every day?
The only consolation to drowning after driving off a bridge is that at least you end up with a car in the afterlife. After all, taking the bus as a ghost isn't all that easy - the driver can't see you waiting at the bus stop!
You know that empty, abandoned lot, you pass all the time? It might not be as empty as you think - anything with a dead person seven days after he/she dies crosses over the spirit realm, including buildings! Don't think it strange - after a day avoiding the living, an all-ghost establishment like Flanagan's is a welcome relief.
Thirty-six year old Irene Dunphy is smart, beautiful, and successful. But she doesn't always make good choices: her boyfriends have all been self-absorbed jerks. She's running out of excuses for missing work due to hangovers. And, because her closest friends are the kind of people who'd let her get behind the wheel after a night of bar-hopping, she's just died.
Jonah Johnson is a fourteen year old boy-genius who's skipped two grades. He's also sweet, generous, and kind - which means he's a high school pariah. At home, his self-absorbed drama queen of a sister gets all the attention. Ignored on the one hand and mercilessly bullied and teased on the other, he retreats into an obsessive study of afterlife mythology - after all, the land of the dead seems so much more exciting than the world of the living. When he finds a book in his high school library that teaches him how to see dead people, it opens up whole new avenues of escape.
Irene is trapped on Earth as a ghost, searching for a way to cross over to the Great Beyond. The way across should be easy to find, right? After all, everyone else seems to have managed. Her only clue - a scribbled note in the margin of an old book to "look for the light." Only there isn't any light, tunnel, or pearly gates in sight. Does this mean she's trapped forever?
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