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In Case You Missed It: Hereafter Blog Tour



We are launching HEREAFTER in style--with more than 20 blog tour stops and dozens of prizes, there's something for everyone and a chance to win a copy of HEREAFTER almost every day. Tweet about the party using #hereaftertour

8/13/12 Verbose Veracity HEREAFTER Excerpt Reading
8/14/12 Little Read Riding Hood Guest Post (Favorite Books w/Red Dresses) on the Cover) and Giveaway (copy of HEREAFTER)
8/15/12 Sonnet O'Dell Interview
8/16/12 I'm a Book Shark Guest Post (Top Ten Books w/Ghosts)  and Giveaway
8/17/12 Kelly A. Harmon
The Writers' Lens
Guest Post (Chinese Ghost Month)
Blog Tour Contest Start
8/20/12 Bay State Readers' Advisory Review and Giveaway
8/21/12 Kristi Petersen Schoonover Guest Post (Real Life Ghosts)
8/22/12 Butterfly-O-Meter Guest Post (HEREAFTER Easter Eggs)
8/23/12 Angie Sandro Guest Post (On Writing HEREAFTER)
8/24/12 The Sweet Bookshelf Review and Interview
8/27/12 Michelle4Laughs Guest Post (What Release Day Is Like) and Giveaway
8/28/12 Writers and Authors Interview
8/29/12 I Write Women Guest Post (On Writing Women)
8/30/12 Making Connections Guest Post (Chinese Ghost Festival) and Giveaway
8/31/12 Happy Tails and Tales Guest Post (Animals & The Afterlife) and Giveaway
9/3/12 Teardrops on My Book Guest Post (Favorite Books About Ghosts) and Giveaway
9/4/12 The Wormhole Interview and Giveaway
9/5/12 Read, Write, Wear Review of HEREAFTER and Giveaway
9/6/12 Anne Johnson Guest Post (Researching the Afterlife)
9/7/12 The Phantom Paragrapher
The Writers' Lens
Contest Ends/Contest Entries Due
9/10/12 From the Boot Heel Guest Post (bullying) and Giveaway
9/11/12 My Pathway to Books
Pineapple Lightning
Guest Post (Ten Strangest Afterlife Beliefs) and Giveaway
Forever After Pitch Contest
9/12/12 A Daydreamer's Thoughts Review and Interview
9/13/12 Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf Guest Post (Cats and the Afterlife) and Giveaway
9/14/12 Happy Tails and Tales
The Writers' Lens
Pineapple Lightning
Contest Winners Announced
Forever After Pitch Contest Winners Announced
Twitter Chat - 8:00 pm EDT - 9:00 pm EDT #hereaftertour
9/15/12 HEREAFTER LAUNCH PARTY - Portsmouth, NH

Daily Giveaway Prizes Include:
    Copy of Hereafter (ebook or print)
    $10 gift card (choice of Amazon or B&N)
    Book Swag Prize Pack - 2 postcards, 2 bookmarks, & a set of two afterlife-related, blank notecards with matching envelopes - various designs (example of possible designs pictured below, on right - actual design received will be selected by me, at random)

Grand Prize Giveaway Contest:
How cool is this? Enter for a chance to win one of two prizes:

1. Print book prize pack, each book signed by the author


2. Ebook prize pack, each book accompanied by a postcard signed by the author


For contest rules and how to enter, visit www.thewriterslens.com starting August 17th. Contest ends September 7th at 11:59 pm EST.

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