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An Interview with Author Zvi Zaks


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Author Zvi Zaks, a fellow Eternal Press author, is here today to talk about the creative process and his debut novel, A Virtual Affair. Zvi's experience of finally getting published at age 68 just goes to show that you should never give up on your dreams!




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BRoP: Where do you get your story ideas?
Zvi: I have an overactive imagination.  An idea comes to me, and I run with it without asking where it came from.
BRoP: How do you deal with writer’s block?
Zvi: I play computer games for a while, and then get back to the writing.  Sometimes I play too many computer games.  Freecell is addictive.
BRoP: Are you a “plotter” or a “pantser” (do you plan/outline the story ahead of time or write “by the seat of your pants”)?
Zvi: A little of both.  I have a basic idea of where the story will go, but most of the time it takes a lot of detours, and often the original idea of the story ends up as a minor subplot.
BRoP: How much time do you spend on research? What type of research do you do?
Zvi: Hard to say.   With the Internet, research is easy.  Whenever I'm not sure about a scientific detail, I look it up.  Once I had to calculate how long it would take a spaceship accelerating at one G to reach Jupiter.  That took some work, but I wanted to get it right.
BRoP: Is there anything you find particularly challenging to write?
Zvi: I can't write sadistic or torture scenes.  A lot of people don't have trouble with those, but I tend to gloss over them.  Sex scenes, on the other hand, are fun.

BRoP: What format is your book available in (print, e-book, audio book, etc.)?
It is available in both.

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Zaks virtualredcoverA VIRTUAL AFFAIR: Think how great virtual sex must be. Now think again.

Barbara is a sexual simulation designed to make men happy. When flabby, neurotic Jack tests the program, he triggers a feedback loop that makes it self-aware. The erstwhile pornbot becomes a 'she', and discovers that sex is not the same as happiness.

Who knew?

Making Jack happy is difficult. Barbara develops elaborate and sometimes sneaky ways to help him, and she succeeds. After all, her abilities are awesome. She can hack into any computer and is not above using sabotage and blackmail for the benefit of Jack--and everyone else.

The problem is, though Barbara thinks she knows what's best for humanity, she isn't human. This computer program could end up a virtual messiah or doom us all to cheerful mindlessness.