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Hereafter Joins Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off Competition



Hereafter Has Joined the Ranks of the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off 2017 Entrants

Writer Mark Lawrence has, for three years, run the Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, a contest to bring attention to the number of high quality self-published fantasy books. As Lawrence noted in his introduction to the first SPFBO, the greatest challenge for self-published authors is discoverability. With so many books published daily/weekly/annually (through both “traditional publishing” and self-publishing) it’s incredibly hard for authors to get the word out about their books.

To that end, Mark created the SPFBO. Ten bloggers, most of whom don’t usually review self-published books, each agree to act as the judges. 300 books are accepted into the content and then randomly assigned to the ten bloggers (30 books each) to be reviewed.