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Terri Bruce's Affterlife Angels Street Team

Join the Terri Bruce Afterlife Angels Street Team

If you have found your way to this page, I’m already more grateful than you can know. If you’ve come here, looking for information on joining my street team, then that means you like my work enough to want to tell others about it, and that is the highest compliment an author can receive. Thank you!

As a member of the Terri Bruce Afterlife Angels Street Team, you’ll meet other readers who enjoy paranormal fantasy stories, be able to earn monthly rewards, and hopefully have some fun (along with earning my eternal gratitude!).

Some of the prizes I’m offering exclusively to street team members are:

  • A chance to have a character named after you in my next book.
  • Autographed paperback books.
  • Exclusive Street Team swag packs including signed swag, badge ribbons, handmade shepherd hook book marks, and more
  • Sneak peaks of upcoming books
  • Gift cards
  • And more!

So what does being on a Street Team involve? Simply put, it involves spreading the word about my books and events. It can be as little as recommending my books to a friend all the way up to hosting a “meet the author” event in your home. Here are some of the things street team members do to help spread the word about my books


  • Talk the books up and share promo materials with friends & family to spread the word.
  • Buy my books the first week of release, which helps it get on the bestseller lists.
  • Ask your local library to order my books. Give the librarians the title, name and publisher.
  • If my books aren’t on the shelves, ask the bookseller to order it.
  • Take promo materials (bookmarks, postcards, etc) to your local stores, place them with the booksellers. You can leave them with libraries and even at coffee shops.
  • Take promo materials (bookmarks, postcards, excerpts, etc) to your local reader group, writer group or RWA Chapter to share with other members.
  • As your local book club to select my book to read (I’m happy to arrange a video chat with Book Clubs as well)


  • Feature interviews, reviews, excerpts, or my video trailer via your blog or website
  • Visit during online appearances (workshops, blog tours, chats, Facebook Party, etc)
  • Share your (honest) review of the book via Amazon, Barnes&Noble.com, and Goodreads
  • Share promotional offers, requests for blog tour hosts, contests and giveaways, requests for reviews, etc. via social media

Participate as little or as much as you want, and only do the things that you feel comfortable doing. Street Team members will earn points for their participation, which will earn them entries into a monthly Rafflecopter giveaway. There will also be a monthly “MVP Award” for the Street Team member who earned the most points. And there will be a small “Thank You” gift for all Street Team members who participated that month as well.

Remember, do whatever you feel comfortable doing, even if it’s just one thing. The most important thing is to have fun!

If this sounds like something you want to be part of, then you’re in luck— joining is easy! Just sign up here.

Thank you for your support!