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At Long Last... WHENAFTER (Afterlife #4)!

AFTERLIFE #4 (WHENAFTER) is finally going to be released!

     Irene Dunphy opened her eyes.
     Confused, she looked around. Strong sunlight glinted on water, blinding her.
     Where the hell am I?
     She was standing on the side of a road—by a brown, marshy river. Cars rushed by on the causeway behind her.
     No, really, where the hell am I? And more importantly, how did I get here?
     Irene racked her brain. For a moment, she drew a blank. Then memory rushed in.

Fun Fact: Every book of the Afterlife series starts with Irene opening her eyes because common writing advice says to NEVER start a book with a character waking up or opening their eyes and I like to be contrary. So it became my own dorky little joke. Also, Irene has no memory of what happens whenever she moves from one "world"/plane of reality to another; every book basically starts with her "spirit"/essence re-coalescing as she "wakes up" on a new plane.


The ten-year anniversary of Hereafter's release will be in TWO WEEKS. How has ten years gone by????

When I started writing the AFTERLIFE series, I made a promise to myself and to my readers: I would finish the series. No cliffhangers. No waiting forever to find out how it all ends.

And I have broken that promise. And I kick myself every day for having done so - I take promises to myself and to my readers very seriously.